Antique Ice Cream Scoops

Kitchen implements make really fun collectors items particularly if you can find antique variations on them. Many people love to collect old salt and pepper shakers because they come in such a wide variation of styles that you can fill a museum with the different kinds that have been made and are still being made. But if you love ice cream, you can start just as fun a hobby collecting ancient ice cream scoops from antique shops and all kinds of places and get a real feel for history just in this simple device designed to serve ice cream to eager children around the world for centuries before ours.

Ice cream as we know it in the form that it can be sold in a retail setting dates back to the early 20th century. But before that when the way to make ice cream involved sitting around a churn making it on the farm, you still had to have a way to serve it. So very often even back on the farm, a customized scoop was created just for this purpose. Because old style churns made huge batches of ice cream in very deep canisters, the scoops form that era that are not antiques would be long handled and designed to bring out the treat from deep in the churn to serve to eager family members and friends.

You can probably use the same techniques to find antique scoops that people who hunt down antique silverware and other kitchen items use. Of course, estate sales are great places to find the really rare scoops that may have been part of someone's family for generations. Very often, a simple utility item like an ice cream scoop is not regarded as a treasured family heirloom. So those items will be sold at auctions or even given away to charities like Good Will or the Salvation Army just to clean out the extra kitchen instruments when a house is being cleaned out for sale.

To become an expert at locating those real finds in the hunt for antiques in the ice cream serving implement category, become a regular haunt at charity venues as well as at garage sales, flea markets and estate sales. Usually in a big lot of items to be sold in such a setting, the humble ice cream scoop gets very little notice and you can snap up a real find for next to nothing.

If you have an ice cream parlor, you can create a fun display showing the many old ice cream serving implements that you have found. You may be come an expert in the design and meaning of various styles of scoops down through history. Or you may just enjoy the hobby of collecting these fun kitchen implements for your own pleasure. If so, there is no harm in that.