Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

The basic formula for making ice cream at home is not very complicated. The way homemade ice cream takes on its unique personality comes from either how it is made or what is added to the basic formula. For fun, you can actually turn the production of ice cream into a great game the kids can play at a birthday party. And when they are done, they can open up the makeshift "churn" and eat the ice cream with their birthday cake.

For starters you use the age old recipe for homemade ice cream that most people are familiar with which includes one pint of Half and Half, one and a half tsps of vanilla and a little over a third cup of sugar. Now this ice cream formula makes a very basic vanilla ice cream. You can add fruit, cookies, chocolate chips and all kinds of other items to produce the flavors you want. This is the fun part of making ice cream at home, you get to experiment with new flavors and variations on the basic recipe.

Now we will turn the actual churning into a birthday party game. Take a one-pound coffee can that you thoroughly washed and mix up the basic recipe we just described in it. Then seal the top and tape it with duct tape so it will not come open or leak under any conditions. Now put the small can inside a three-pound coffee can, also cleaned out thoroughly so you don't have the smell of coffee permeate your ice cream.

Fill the larger can with ice so it surrounds the smaller can. Now put the lid on the bigger can and seal it up just as tightly as you did with the smaller can. Now you have your make shift churn and the children at the party are your raw labor. Wrap the can in a towel and lay out a sheet on the floor just to be safe in case the cans open. Now the children can get down on the floor and roll that big can all over the place just as vigorously as they can. Cheer them on that they are making their own birthday ice cream treat. They will giggle because the can will be quite cold. But that is part of the fun.

After ten minutes, open both cans and take a look. If the ice cream is not perfect, seal everything up and give it another ten minutes of playful rolling on the ground. After you open it up again, the ice cream should be frozen to the sides of the can. This is a good game to play early in the party so you can put the finished product in the freezer to finish the job. But save up those coffee cans because you may want to get three or four cans going to have various flavors of ice cream to serve with the cake. The kids will love the flavor and they will go home with a story to tell that they made their own ice cream.